So I’ve been realizing how lost I am in JUNOS and it bugs me. I’ve been going through the JSL course that a friend linked me to me awhile back. Juniper offers this course for free (very smart, IMO) and you can view it online or download it. Here’s a blurb from their site:

About This Course

For those of you who are familiar with Cisco's IOS, learning Juniper Networks JUNOS operating system is now made easy with JUNOS as a Second Language. Using an advanced graphical display, this course compares the similarities and the differences between both operating systems and shows the benefits of using JUNOS software. This 90-minute program is designed for network engineers who are already well-versed in Cisco's IOS software but who might not be as familiar with Juniper Networks JUNOS software.

Building on existing IOS configuration knowledge to provide a high-level overview of the JUNOS software, how it works, and how it compares with IOS, this course covers the following:

    * JUNOS Software Fundamentals
    * The CLI
    * Configuration Fundamentals
    * Interface Configuration
    * Ethernet Interfaces
    * Serial Interfaces
    * Interface Monitoring
    * Firewall Filters
    * Routing Protocol Fundamentals
    * OSPF
    * BGP

Upon completing this program, users who were new to the JUNOS software will now have a good familiarity with it and be a step closer to qualifying to attain the JNCIA-ER certification.

It’s a very good course, especially considering that it’s free. Here’s the link:

JUNOS As A Second Language


Colby Glass has been in IT since 2002. He is currently a Systems Engineer (presales) with a Cisco Gold partner and holds the CCNP R/S, CCNP DC, CCDP, CCIP, JNCIA-ER.

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