First lab with our new topology. I’m excited! This should be an easy one. When functioning correctly, Customer “a” connects to AS 6500 using MPLS VPNs and running OSPF with the provider between sites. Site 2 (CE2a) has internet access through a physical connection to AS 6500s global RIB, it also has a GRE tunnel to PE1 which connects to the MPLS VPN. Customer “b” has a similar configuration. Customer “b” is using EIGRP. Both customers have a single “internet” circuit which is reachable from only one site, all internet traffic from the other site will go over the WAN first.

The issue today is users in VLAN 40 are having issues accessing the internet (, determine why.

You can run the .net on your own Dynamips server or you can use mine. Run the topology and login with username “tshoot” and password “tshoot”. This user only has privilege level 1, so show commands will be available, but show run will not be. You can also login with username: “shrun” and password: “shrun”, this will print the running config and boot you out. I would like to grant full privilege 15 access, but I’m worried about people messing with the configs, this is after all a public post. Obviously you could get around this pretty easily, but that would defeat the purpose. ;)

Here’s our topology:

(Click for fullsize)

I’m attaching the .net file with the configs saved inside.
The Troubleshooting Lab #6 .net file
(Don’t forget to change your paths)


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