Hi guys, I’m back for my annual post.:/

I’ve been working with a good amount of Nexus gear lately. Today we’ll configure Configuration Synchronization offered on the Nexus 5K platform. This feature allows one to create a switch profile on a vPC member and push the profile’s configuration to the peer. This is crucial as vPC configurations need to match exactly on both peers. If configurations don’t match, the channel could be suspended. Here’s our topology:


We’re using an Enhanced vPC (EvPC) here (supported in 5.1(3)N1(1) and up) topology – the FEXes are dual-homed and connected to the 5Ks via vPC and we’re also running a vPC to the host. Config Sync is almost a necessity here. We’re using for the IPs Peer Keepalive links (stole this practice from Chris Marget. It’s important to note that CFS (Cisco Fabric Services – this is the magic that makes config sync work) communicates over the Managment 0/peer-keepalive interface.