The class was great, I feel like I learned so much. I will definitely be taking it again before doing the lab. Here’s the layout again:

  • Day 1
    • Switching
      • Basics
      • Security
      • QoS
    • Frame Relay
  • Day 2
    • OSPF
    • Eigrp
  • Day 3
    • QoS
    • RIP
  • Day 4
    • BGP
    • MPLS
  • Day 5
    • Multicast

The depth and coverage of all technologies were amazing. I hope I retained even 50% of everything he taught us, even with 50% of it I think I’d have a good shot at passing the lab on the first try. My favorite day was BGP and MPLS, because I can’t get enough of those. Each day was grueling and and amazing. The workbooks are the best I’ve seen so far. The explanations provided in the answers are infinitely helpful in understanding the technologies.

The only (small) complaints I have are the lack of STP and IPv6 as I’m weak in both. The WBs cover these technologies in detail, of course, but I would have liked some lecture as well. They are left out due to the lack of time, which is understandable. Maybe I’ll be able to do his 12 day camp at some point, which covers everything on the blueprint in great detail.

I would recommend Narbik’s classes to anyone looking to get serious about the CCIE. With the five day class and Narbik’s workbooks I think we’re given all the tools needed to pass the lab.


Colby Glass has been in IT since 2002. He is currently a Systems Engineer (presales) with a Cisco Gold partner and holds the CCNP R/S, CCNP DC, CCDP, CCIP, JNCIA-ER.

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