Yesterday was BGP and MPLS. Probably my favorite day. I really can’t get enough of those technologies. It was mostly lecture which was very deep. This was the first day that I felt like I wasn’t far behind the lecture. I knew 95% of what we were talking about and how to implement it. I was quite happy. Naturally Narbik showed me some stuff I’d never seen and gave me a new way to think about things. All in all, it was a great day.

After class (~9:30) a few of us, including Narbik, went to the hotel next door to grab some drinks. It was a good time.

Today is a short day and the technology is Multicast. This is one of my weaker subjects as I haven’t really touched it since BSCI. I’m hoping to learn and retain a lot today.

I’m considering starting up a new thing where I interview some network veterans. Nothing spectacular, maybe something like 10 relatively short questions. Narbik has agreed to be my first test subject if you guys are interested. If so, what questions would you like me to ask? Let me know!


Colby Glass has been in IT since 2002. He is currently a Systems Engineer (presales) with a Cisco Gold partner and holds the CCNP R/S, CCNP DC, CCDP, CCIP, JNCIA-ER.

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