Day 2 is nearly over. It’s been full of OSPF. Lots of lecture and labbing. Narbik has so much in his brain, it’s really unbelievable. Everyone knows that OSPF is very deep, but after today I’m speechless. I’ve made some tables and a diagram (from Narbik’s drawing on the whiteboard) with some of the information I want to save. Here is table of OSPF LSA Types:

(click image for fullsize)

It tells you which type of router sends them, what they look like in the RIB, what commands we can use to see them and some other things.

Here is the table of OSPF Network Types:

(click image for fullsize)

Also filled with good info.

Here is the diagram I made from his drawing on the board:

(click image for fullsize)

This thing is fantastic. It lists the area types, what LSAs they have, and what the routing table would look like. This diagram has helped me immensely in gaining a deeper understanding of OSPF.

After this lab session we’ll be doing EIGRP. Today is going to be a long one, I don’t expect to get out of here before 9:30. I may post again after class, if not I’ll try to summarize tomorrow.


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