We’re still going. Around 10 hours so far (hourish lunch break, and 5-15 minutes here and there).

We’ve covered L2 stuff so far. Mostly security stuff: VLAN Hopping, Port-Security, DHCP Snooping (and Source Guard, DAI), ACLs, PVLANs, and Dot1x. Great information. Narbik is ridiculous, he writes all the commands out on the board… from memory. It’s sick.

Not a ton of lecture so far, just the L2 stuff. Mostly doing labs. Frame Relay is up next.

Class is great so far. I’m a bit sad that STP isn’t covered in much detail. That’s one of my weak points as I haven’t gone into much detail on STP since BCMSN. I asked Narbik about it and he told me there isn’t enough time to cover everything (camp is only ~4 1/2 days), I think L2 is easy for most people also, where routing is more my thing. Whaddya gonna do.


Colby Glass has been in IT since 2002. He is currently a Systems Engineer (presales) with a Cisco Gold partner and holds the CCNP R/S, CCNP DC, CCDP, CCIP, JNCIA-ER.

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