I need to start working on the miscellany involved in the OEQs for the CCIE R&S. This is the first post in a weekly series of OEQs. Obviously I don’t know exactly what the CCIE questions are going to be, but I’ve found some resources with sample questions, like INE’s CCIE Blog. The plan is to post one question a week with you guys (hopefully) answering in comments. I will update previous week’s article with the answer when posting the new question the following week. First question is easy:

What is OSPF’s metric and how is it determined?

Please post answers in the comments (without Googling)!

Highlight for answer:

OSPF uses a reference bandwidth of 100 Mbps for cost calculation. The formula to calculate the cost is reference bandwidth divided by interface bandwidth. For example, in the case of Ethernet, it is 100 Mbps/10 Mbps=10.
Note: If “ip ospf cost cost” is used on the interface, it overrides this formulated cost.



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