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What is PeerIX:
PeerIX is a project a bunch of other nerds and I are working on. Most of us know each other from HardForum and/or Networking-Forum. The idea is to develop a functional “mini-internet” to learn and gain experience with enterprise and service provider technologies.

What are the requirements?
A network device that supports IPsec, GRE and BGP. Other routing protocols may be considered but will be “corner case” as the core will be eBGP.

What devices work?
Cisco routers

Currently most Cisco routers will work permitted that you are running an IOS that supports the core technologies above.
You can use the IOS feature navigator to verify if your IOS/device supports the required features.

What technologies are you talking about?
The sky is the limit here, but the main core technologies are IPSec, GRE and BGP. Right now we have limited things going on within this network but eventually the hope is to grow it much larger with more services.